Our Paint

We can paint with any paint of your choice but if given the choice, we use B-Earth Paints for the following reasons:

B-Earth specialises in the manufacturing of a unique paint system that is similar to epoxy paints but is water based and offers:

Furthermore, apart from its hardness and impact-absorption ability, the B-earth International International paint system has improved flexibility or elasticity characteristics.

The environmental performance of the B-earth International paint system is highlighted with respect to the two main toxic factors associated with paints:

These environmental and quality aspects of the B-earth International paint system translate into a high-quality exterior coating system, which can be applied to any surface, and which exceeds the international environmental requirements. In addition, the scrub resistance and cleanability of the system is extremely good, which, together with its low smell, non-toxic characteristics, also makes it a superior choice for indoor applications.

Technical Specifications

Available test results from the Paint Research Association in the United Kingdom of the B-earth I paint product are shown in the table, as stipulated for national and international environmental and quality standards for paint products). Contact B-earth International for further information.

Paint CharacteristicStandard Test ProcedurePaint CharacteristicStandard Test Procedure
VOC contentISO 11890Resistance to water immersionISO 2812-1
Spreading rateISO 7254Abrasion resistanceISO 7784-2
DensityISO 2811-1AdhesionISO 2409
Flash point / CombustibilityBS EN 456 / BS 3900: Part A11Assessment of blistering, chalking, cracking, flaking and rustingISO 4628 1-6
Volume solidsISO 3251Chip resistanceBS AU 148 Part 15
Non-volatile contentISO 3251Drying time (surface and through)ISO 1517 and 9117
Resistance to humidityBS 3900: Part F2Film thicknessISO 2808
ProhesionASTM G85 Annex A5FlexibilityISO 6860
Resistance to salt sprayISO 7253GlossISO 2813
Resistance to sulphur dioxideISO 3231HardnessISO 1518
Artificial weatheringISO 11507Impact resistanceISO 6272
Assessment of light fastnessPRA in-house methodPermeability to waterASTM D 1653
Temperature/ humidity exposurePRA in-house methodResistance to liquids and stainsISO 2812-1 Method 3
Resistance to temperature changePRA in-house methodScrub resistance and clean abilityISO 11998
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