We have more than 10 years experience in the industry!!!

...and have plenty of references!!!

What makes us unique?

What makes our paint unique?


For these reasons as well as our exceptional skills, we are well known in the chicken farm, and pig farm industries. We also paint schools, warehouses, stores and any other industrial roofs all over South Africa.

We paint from R55 per m2 depending on area, size and prep needed on the roof.

What roofs do we paint?

We paint any type of roof such as tile, zinc, tile or concrete roofs.

Our main focus is on the industrial sector but we also paint houses and house roofs in and around Stilbaai and Throughout the Hessequa Region. All over South Africa we paint farm roofs, warehouses, church roofs, school roofs, hospital roofs, factories, camps and all other big buildings and roofs. 

Painting Large Roof With Scissor Fork - Die Appelboom
Derrick - Paintinga roof of a warehouse - Die Appelboom Stilbaai

What does our service involve?

Depending on the condition of the roof there are certain steps we will take:

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